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Go Green Activities

Stop food waste at Donlon! Our school lunch items can be shared with others if not wanted, and can be reused as long as items are cleaned, unopened, and unbitten.

We have new metal baskets for fruit, vegetables, and hot items; we have coolers for milk, yogurt, or other cold items.

While students should eat their school lunch, if something is not wanted on a particular day, it shouldn't be thrown away, but should go in our food share area. Note that items from home cannot be placed in the food share.

Any items outside of the safe foods zone (temperature) for two hours or more will be discarded and cannot be served again or shared.

See a full article about our food share program.

Go Green: At Donlon, we sort our trash to reduce our waste and help our planet.

We use a three-bin system: Blue for recyclable items (bottles and cans marked with a "deposit" note), green for compostable items (food, food-soiled paper items), and grey for waste (everything else: plastic wrappers, yogurt or milk containers, etc.). We also have small bins for our lunch trays to be stacked for recycling.

Join the Go Green team: Help at recess and lunch to make sure that our waste is going into the correct bins. We have enough volunteers that you don't have to do this everyday!