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Lifelong Guidelines and Life Skills

Lifelong Guidelines and Life Skills

Our classrooms are practicing Lifelong Guidelines and Lifeskills. These differ from regular school rules because they apply to all age groups in all situations, thus the term Lifeskills. They form the basis for agreement about behavior and expectations, both social and academic, between teacher and students and among students. You are encouraged to learn about them (ask your child!) and reinforce them at home.

Lifelong Guidelines

  • Trustworthiness
  • Truthfulness
  • Active Listening
  • No Put-Downs
  • Personal Best



  • to conduct oneself according to a sense of what's right and wrong


  • to be willing to respond appropriately and be accountable for your actions


  • to be kind to others and the environment; help other in need; be forgiving


  • to have self-control; setting goals and working toward them; striving for personal improvement


  • telling the truth; no cheating or stealing; being trustworthy


  • using good manners, not bad language; being considerate: honoring the feelings of others; dealing peacefully with anger, insults, and disagreem