2021-22 School Year Parking Lot Safety


Driving to campus:

Front of school drop off is curb side only - do NOT use the center parking lot as a drop off area.

Please pull as far forward as you can. Pay attention to see that you don't have your child begin to unload when all cars in front of you are moving forward. Look for Donlon staff to direct you forward. 

When it is time to unload, unlock your doors, and direct your passenger(s) to exit the vehicle with efficiency. Please have your children exit on the curb side of the vehicle. Have your child practice opening the door, exiting with their backpack, and closing the door - parents should remain behind the wheel of their vehicle unless there is an emergency.

If you do need to get out of your vehicle, please turn on hazard lights until you re-enter the vehicle.

Drive carefully - school parking lots and driveways are the most dangerous place on campus - phone calls and texting should be done while you are safely parked, not while driving.

Another option for older students is the back of school - Payne Rd. or Denker Rd. run along our back field. Students can walk along the sidewalk to either the south or north openings into campus. Note, there Is NO drop off supervision along Payne or Denker.

Note that back gates will be locked promptly at 8:15, so any students arriving after that will need to walk to the front of school to check in at the office (to be sure that they aren't marked absent).


Walking or Biking to Campus:

Children may enter campus as follows (see map attached): kindergarteners come into the kinder yard through gate 2 (no playground access at drop off or pickup); 1st-5th graders enter in front of the school (main entrance gates 3/4, 5/6, 7, 8), or the side of C building (gate 9), or near basketball (gate 14), or near Multipurpose room (MPR) (gates 16/17). Parents may walk their children to the gate (not entering campus) then should exit the school area. Staff will be on duty to ensure that children make their way safely to the playground, multipurpose room (for breakfast if desired), and to their classroom.



Please  create a sign for picking up your child. A student pick up sign template is attached - either make a digital copy and type your Information and print, or hand write (LARGE LETTERS please) a sign. 

Kindergarten students will wait for their adult In the kindergarten yard (with supervision). We will release kindergarteners as their adults arrive.

1st grade students who are early Cubs (this will be all 1st graders until September 7) will all exit campus via the front gates (at 1:55). Children will line up Inside of the gates and parents will wait outside of the gate (or drive up In the curbside lane) with their student pick up sign.

2nd - 5th grade students may exit via the front or back gates. Note, there Is NO pick up supervision along Payne or Denker. Students walking/biking on their own should leave campus upon dismissal (playground is closed at end of school).  Students waiting for an adult (walking or car) will line up at the front of school and wait in line until their adult arrives.